My Grandpa often says, “He who saves one life, saves the entire world...”

The tale of Geri the Knight...

Cherished Friends and Supporters,

I’m Geri Kovacs, and I would like to share my sorrowful story with you.

I was born in June 2020 in Szeged, Hungary. My Dad tells me many bedtime stories, and I also want to share a story with you. A true and tragic story about myself.

Once upon a time, there was a little Knight called Geri. Not long after he was born, a wicked Dragon cast a spell on him in the form of a deadly illness, which began to slowly destroy his tiny, fragile body. This terrible condition steadily and insidiously began to destroy his muscle cells, making him weaker and weaker day by day. This dreadful disease is called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, (DMD).

Geri tried to fight this monstrous beast with swords and guns, but to no avail. Until now, he thought he must accept the dreadful fate inflicted on him.


Then something extraordinary happened. Specialist medical doctors and researchers invented a medical potion that, if given to Geri, could cure him. This is gene therapy, offering a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Little Geri was over the moon when he heard the news, but when he looked around him, he saw the worried faces.

- What's wrong? He asked nervously.

- Why are you so sad? If this remedy works, then I can live a dignified happy life that is worth living.

- My dearest Son, this medicine comes at a cost of $3.2 million, and even if we work every single hour of every single day, we won’t be able to gather that amount of money.

Geri rushed into his room and came back with his broken piggy bank, where he had been saving for a gift for his baby sister’s arrival. He handed over the money to his Mum, hoping it would help. Tears were rushing down her face, as she had to tell him, it's still not enough...

So, dear Friends and Supporters, I want to reach out to you now and appeal for your help and generous support. If you feel moved to aid Geri the Knight, an innocent boy who can't no longer help missing a tiny piece from a single gene. Let's gather this amount, and in return, Geri promises to keep FIGHTING and HE WILL GET WELL!

- My Grandpa often says, "He who saves one life, saves the entire world."

In my dreams, I received the medicine before turning six, and I've grown to walk just like you, breathe deeply like you, and my heart beats as healthy as yours.

Let my story have a happy ending, but it can't happen without your kindness and generosity.

Thank you for listening to my LIFE’S STORY,
Geri Kovács
4-year-old DMD Warrior

What is DMD?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to the alterations of a protein called dystrophin that helps keep muscle cells intact.

DMD symptom onset is in early childhood, usually between ages 3 and 4. The disease primarily affects boys, but in rare cases, it can affect girls.
Duchenne is caused by a mutation in the gene that encodes for dystrophin, a protein that is essential to the proper functioning of our muscles. Without dystrophin, muscles are not able to function or repair themselves properly. The loss of muscle then results in a loss of strength and function.
Children with Duchenne may start walking later than average, and have large calves as toddlers. Often the disease goes unnoticed until age 3‒5, when muscle weakness affects walking, climbing steps, and other activities.

Boys will start to use a wheelchair around age 10‒12 because of increasing muscle weakness and tiredness with walking.

Gene therapy for Duchenne is centered on the goal of successfully introducing into a muscle cell the correct genetic code, or recipe, necessary to make the dystrophin protein. Because dystrophin is such a large protein, smaller versions (referred to as micro-dystrophins) are inserted into the delivery vehicle. Viral delivery using the adeno-associated virus (AAV) harnesses the virus’s natural ability to deposit genetic material right to the muscle cell nucleus. The result of this viral “infection” would be the successful recoding of each muscle cell in the patient’s body so that a smaller but functional dystrophin protein could be made.

The first gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy will cost $3.2 million.

The price makes the drug, named Elevidys and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, one of the most expensive medicines in the U.S. on a single-use basis.

Help Geri get well

From dream to reality

On the way to a happy-end, with the help of the donations so far, we are currently here:

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Last update date: 7/12/2024

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